Season 14, Episode 6
Wrecked title card
Air date 10th October 2004
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Hunter's Moon
Say It with Flowers

PC Walker is forced off the road by Keith Baldock, but loses him when a flock of sheep crosses the road. Baldock claims he did not see him, but he may have confused him with PC Bellamy, who helped put him in jail five years earlier. Phil Bellamy has found a new love interest, Emma Bryden, after his wedding to Gina fell through. When Phil is walking her home one night he is almost run down by a speeding car and Sergeant Merton has little doubt that Keith Baldock was behind the wheel. But when Emma's son Jack is kidnapped Baldock has a perfect alibi. He occupies a cell at the Ashfordly police station. Somebody has stolen Lord Ashfordly's brand new greenhouse. As if that was not trouble enough Lord Ashfordly is also visited by Sandy and Jennifer, two relatives from Australia, and they are somewhat less formal than his lordship to say the least.


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