Wishing Well

Season 5, Episode 1
Wishing Well title card
Air date 3rd September 1995
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Alister Hallum
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A Winter's Tale


A dance at the village hall in Aidensfield is disturbed by a gang of rockers from Whitby. When PC Rowan refuses to let them in they start vandalising and not even Greengrass' lorry escapes the vandalism. They even throw a bar of lead they found in the lorry through the village hall window -- only the bar is not made of lead, but of gold. And not even Greengrass knew that! Also, Kate Rowan starts getting nosebleeds and attributes it to anaemia in connection with her pregnancy. Unfortunately the reason is far more serious.

Full SummaryEdit

There is a village dance, everyone is having a good time until a group of rockers start to cause trouble, and throw what they think is a piece of lead through the window. But this ‘lead' turns out to be gold, which was part of a large amount that was stolen 7 years ago. Kate isn't feeling well and starts to get worried about her symptoms, but doesn't voice her concerns. One of Kate's patients Nettie Pickard has a wishing well in her garden and Kate, suddenly feeling superstitious, makes a wish. Nettie's house is later trashed. The man responsible was a local councillor who was searching for the rest of the gold because he knew it was Nettie's husband who found it originally and thought it must have been hidden in the house. He is later caught digging the gold out of the well. Kate is willing the baby to arrive.


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 1 - Wishing Well51:40

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 1 - Wishing Well

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