Wise Guys

Season 9, Episode 23
Wise Guys title card
Air date 27th February 2000
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Roger Bamford
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With This Ring
The Son-In-Law


Trouble brews between the Mazzetti brothers after patriarch Franco's death, and Ventress falls for a local widow.

Full SummaryEdit

The Mazzetti family is running a fish-and-chips restaurant and a number of chip vans all over North Riding, but when the head of the family, Franco Mazzetti, dies his eldest son Paolo wants to sell off the chip vans and serve pizzas in the restaurant instead. The night after the funeral one of the vans is vandalized and the Mazzettis blame one of their competitors Big Eddy. Greengrass has bought one of the surviving chip vans to get into the catering business himself and gets caught right in the middle of it. Emily Poole is the victim of a series of break-ins and every time PC Ventress is out there like a shot to investigate. Mostly because she serves him tea and cookies every time and Mrs. Ventress has put him on a diet.

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