Wine and Roses

Season 15, Episode 21
Wine and Roses title card
Air date 21st May 2006
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
Kith and Kin
This Happy Breed
Ronald Headley is found dead in the river and PC Bellamy is excluded from the investigation when it turns out that his wife Debbie may be involved. Headley was a bank manager who got into prison for embezzlement, and in his wallet the police find photos of the assistant manager of his old bank, Sheryl Cooper. The case leads to Phil discovering that Debbie has a drinking problem. Aunt Peggy is far from happy when a group of squatters makes camp at David's and her farm and demands police action, but she has come to an understanding with them when PC Younger arrives. Counsellor Jowett is not prepared to leave it like that.

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