Windows of Opportunity

Season 11, Episode 20
Windows of Opportunity title card
Air date 10th March 2002
Written by Douglas Watkinson
Directed by Paul Walker
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An elderly couple interrupt a burglary in progress, and Bernie and David support Blaketon in the upcoming local elections. Alice Stanton rejects Harvey Cottrell's offer to buy some furniture and a bronze statue.

Full SummaryEdit

Harvey Cottrell buys furniture at almost stealing prizes. He shows great interest in Alice Stanton's Greek figurine and the next day it is gone. The same thing happens to an old mirror belonging to John Salter, and Cottrell turned really nasty when she would not sell him that. The villagers of Aidensfield have to elect either Oscar Blaketon or Joyce Jowett as the parish representative for the counsel and the candidates do everything they can to outdo and discredit each other. Many villagers find it hard to get to the village hall to vote and Blaketon offers to take them there in David's taxi. Dr. Summerbee thinks that exercise will improve general health in Aidensfield and organizes a fitness class. But fitness may not be too good to herself because she collapses after the class.