Who's Who?

Season 10, Episode 17
Who's Who title card 2
Air date 18th February 2001
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Diana Patrick
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The Long Weekend
Gin a Body, Meet a Body


Jackie hires Oscar Blaketon as a private investigator, David's date doesn't go as planned, and Gina has news for Phil.

Full SummaryEdit

During a dinner at Ashfordly Hall the county High Sheriff Andrew Parkin makes a pass at Susie Cope, who is serving at the dinner. On their way home from the dinner Parkin and his wife Sonia run down the farmer Colin Taylor. The Parkins claim that Mrs. Parkin was driving the car due to him having too much to drink, but PC Bradley is not sure because the driver's seat was too far back for her. Either way the accident may turn out to be a costly affair for the Parkins, because their insurance does not cover her driving the car. Furthermore Susie Cope tells Oscar Blaketon, who is acting as a private investigator on Taylor's behalf, that she is certain that it was the High Sheriff himself who was behind the wheel. Vernon Scripps revives an old idea of his, a marriage bureau.



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