Where There's Muck

Season 12, Episode 4
Air date 3rd November 2002
Written by Douglas Watkinson
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A Dog's Life


Local farmer Richard Harvey is in a dire situation and lashes out; a dubious-looking young man arrives at the Aidensfield Arms; and Vernon and David start a new business selling horseradish sauce.


The bank has refused Richard Harvey a respite on his loan and will auction off his farm, but Harvey does not give up without a fight. It turns out to be a very mucky affair, literally, and that is just the beginning. Gina is smitten by Mark Jenkins, who hopes to make a good deal at the auction, but Oscar Blaketon has his doubts about him. Given Gina's previous experiences with men he is probably right. David makes horse radish sauce for Gina using his Auntie Beth's recipe. It is a very good sauce and Vernon Scripps thinks marketing it will turn a very good profit. He even promises David that he will have his name and picture on the labels.


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