Weight of Evidence

Season 9, Episode 16
Weight of Evidence title card
Air date 9th January 2000
Written by Peter Barwood
Directed by Gerry Poulson
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The Seven Year Itch
For Art's Sake


Tension rises between Mike and Jackie when the son of a client is not charged for a crime. Greengrass buys a racing sheep that he thinks will make him a fortune.

Full SummaryEdit

Gina has brought young Sian along to help her behind the bar at a dance, but Sian is more interested in dancing with a young man called Ben Ealham and having fun. Gina scolds her and sends her home, but Sian runs out of petrol on her way home. The next morning Sian is found badly bruised and raped in her car. Before she is rushed to hospital Sian names Ealham as her assailant. Sergeant Nokes, who has temporarily switched places with Craddock, is certain she has an open and shut case, but Ealham's solicitor Jackie Bradley disagrees and gets him off on technicalities. This brings about a frigid distance between her and Mike.


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