We're All Allies Really

Season 5, Episode 6
We're All Allies Really title card
Air date 8th October 1995
Written by Peter Tinniswood
Directed by Ngozi Onwurah
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We're All Allies Really is the fifth episode of series six and was first broadcast on the 8th October 1995.


Old World War II hostilities arise when a young German on a pilgrimage to Aidensfield discovers that his father was a Luftwaffe pilot who dropped a bomb on the village, killing the parents of a local man.

Full SummaryEdit

A young German, Dieter Lotschmeyer, arrives in Aidensfield to visit his father's grave, but he soon discovers that he is not all that popular in the village, because his father was a German bomber pilot during the war and dropped a bomb to lighten his plane before it crashed. The bomb hit a cottage which belonged to Jo Tyler and his family killing both him and his wife, and when the grave is vandalized Tyler's son is the prime suspect. Walter and Hilda Openshaw are on their annual hiking holiday in Aidensfield, but Walter would rather be on a voyage on the Orient Express. He and Greengrass decide to do something about it


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 6 - We're All Allies Really51:44

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 6 - We're All Allies Really


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