War Stories

Season 10, Episode 5
War Stories title card
Air date 19th November 2000
Written by Peter Barwood
Directed by Diana Patrick
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Gabriel's Last Stand
The Fool on the Hill


PC Ventress is surprised by the arrival of his old commando unit for an unexpected reunion, nurse Maggie Bolton is faced with a moral dilemma when an old friend asks her to help her die in peace, and PC Bellamy comes to Gina's aid.

Full SummaryEdit

Who would have thought that Alf Ventress was a commando during the war? Well he was, and his old war buddies come to Aidensfield to celebrate their reunion. Being "a friend of Lord Ashfordly's" Greengrass arranges a bit of fishing and hunting for them on his lordship's grounds. Suddenly there is a shot and the cashier of their widows and orphans fund Matty Lowell is found dead at the forest floor. Lovell had a clash with Charlie Penwarden, the son of their late commanding officer, and Oscar Blaketon finds a half-burned letter from Lovell to Penwarden in which he confesses to fraud. A couple of hours before his death Lovell was seen with mud wrecking journalist Ralph Drake. Molly Rysinski is dying and she prefers to die at home. But her son Graham disagrees and thinks she should be at the hospital instead. Flinton Blain is complaining that the Aidensfield Arms is too noisy and goes a long way to prove it.



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