Waifs and Strays

Season 13, Episode 7
Waifs and Strays title card
Air date 26th October 2003
Written by Richard Monks
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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The Holiday's Over
Brought to Book


PC Crane puts his role as Community Liaison Officer into practice at a remote farmhouse on the Moors, and Vernon plans to open a trailer park.

Full SummaryEdit

Dr. Merrick responds to a call from Katie Barnwell saying that her father is not feeling well, but Katie's big sister Meg insists that everything is OK and that there is no cause for alarm. But Dr. Merrick discovers that everything is far from OK when she finds the father dead in his bed and Meg trying to cope for herself and her two younger siblings in an attempt to keep the family together. Now it is up to the child welfare and they want to separate the children. Oscar Blaketon's attempt to prevent this is hampered by Robert Barnwell who is caught stealing some food. Robert is also the suspect in a number of break-ins in the village. Vernon Scripps has not been discouraged by the loss of his big fortune and a caravan site is a good a way as any to start a new one. But it takes more to make a successful caravan site than just finding a suitable field and putting up a few shacks.


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