Season 16, Episode 12
Vendetta title card
Air date 7th January 2007
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Sleeping Dogs
John Atkins is angry at Oscar Blaketon blaming him for losing his complaint against his neighbour Viv Chivers who wants to extend her house. Atkins even threatens Blaketon in public. And somebody really IS out to get Oscar Blaketon. First a photograph of him is destroyed and the matter escalates when somebody tries to sabotage his car. But it cannot be Atkins who has an alibi. Ellen Taylor comes to Aidensfield in search of her son Barry whose last sign of life was from the village six months ago, and she asks Oscar Blaketon for help. Its Aunt Peggy's birthday and David wants to surprise her with a dinner for two at the Aidensfield Arms. But his surprise is spoiled by her old flame Maurice whom she has not seen for 20 years and the old flames are still burning. Phil avoids the pub after breaking with Gina and she asks Oscar and Rob Walker to have a word with him.

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