Uninvited Guests

Season 11, Episode 9
Unvited Guests title card
Air date 23rd December 2001
Written by Douglas Watkinson
Directed by Paul Walker
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Home to Roost
No Hiding Place


There's a salmonella outbreak and a chicken pie from the Aidensfield Arms is suspected as the source. Two criminals take a mother and her son as hostages and Vernon wants to start a cemetary for pets.

Full SummaryEdit

Aidensfield is suffering from an outbreak of salmonella. Already one of Tricia's patients, Jim Pitchard has died and other residents are succumbing swiftly. When questioned, Jim's Aunt Daisy blames Gina Ward's chicken pies saying that Jim thought they were a bit dodgy. Tricia immediately alerts Mike and Craddock to the situation and they start their hunt to find the source of the outbreak. They begin with the unpleasant job of telling Blaketon that he can no longer sell any food at the Aidensfield Arms until further notice. As the outbreak spreads Tricia's work load increases and she can no longer cope. At the hospital she meets a friend Jenny Latimer, a pharmacist. Jenny offers to come in and help at the surgery during the current crisis. Whilst Ashfordly constabulary is on the hunt for the source of the salmonella Meryl Johnson, Manageress of the Ashfordly Building Society, and her fifteen-year-old son Toby find themselves victims of a hostage situation. Ben and Danny Begley plan to raid the Building Society after Ben has shared a cell with Meryl's ex husband Alex. When they discover that the Building Society is being renovated and there is no money on site they decide to stay as uninvited guests with Meryl for the weekend until they can resume their plans on Monday. With two extra people in the house Meryl soon runs out of supplies. Danny takes Meryl's Mini to Mrs Morton's Pantry in Herondale. When he makes his way back to the cottage the car runs out of fuel on a deserted road. He abandons it and walks. Ventress stumbles across the car and he and Bellamy return it to Meryl. When Meryl answers the door she pretends not to know Ventress, which makes him suspicious. When he receives a letter from Meryl regarding a late payment on his mortgage he knows all is not well as his mortgage has been completed for some time. Craddock sends Tom and Mike to survey the Johnson's house. They witness Ben taking Meryl to the car - they are on their way to meet the security firm which will deliver £8,000 ready for opening on Monday morning. Tom is left alone to survey the house with Danny and Toby inside but he is weary and nods off missing Tricia arriving at the house to tend to a very ill Toby - who has been hit by the salmonella bug. Danny, who has called the doctor in panic, flees in fear of his brother's wrath. The Aidensfield police arrest Ben as he forces Meryl to withdraw the cash. The salmonella outbreak has also been solved.The missing link between all the cases was Mrs Merton's out of date mayonnaise. Gina's pies are cleared from blame much to Blaketon's relief. Elsewhere Vernon expands his brother's funeral empire by introducing 'Fur and Feather Farewells' for pets. Much to the distress of Bernie, Vernon plans to turn a nearby field into a pet cemetery and very soon he finds that there is quite a demand for this new service. However Vernon's brusque business style is not suited to the sensitive nature of the funeral business and he finds he's out of his depth - especially when he nearly buries alive one of his clients, Amanda the pig. The new venture comes to an end when Councillor Blaketon, responding to Bernie's cries for help, informs Vernon that he will need planning permission to transform the field into a pet cemetery.



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