Unchained Melody

Season 10, Episode 20
Unchained Melody title card
Air date 11th March 2001
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Jackie gets a visit from her old friend Caroline. She is surprised to learn that Caroline has a baby. Caroline needs a day off from motherhood and leaves the baby with Jackie and Mike while she goes to York to see some friends. Mike leaves the baby in a pram outside the police house, but when Jackie comes home from an errand the baby is gone. Jackie is not the only one who has a visitor. Lady Patricia visits her brother at Ashfordly Hall together with an old family friend Lord Hal Tadcaster. Well "together" may not be the proper word, because she would rather see him leave than stay. And with good reason since the CID suspects Tadcaster of being a drug dealer and asks the police in Ashfordly to keep an eye on him. The post office in Whitby goes on strike. Vernon Scripps gets the idea to start a courier service. And for once he does the dirty work himself.

Full SummaryEdit

Patricia, Lord Ashfordly's sister returns and stays at the Hall. Elsewhere Ashfordly station is told to undertake a drug surveillance mission - a leading drugs dealer is in the area. Mike and Craddock, who are in plain clothes spot the suspect's car going to Ashfordly Hall. And it seems Lord Ashfordly knows the suspect who it turns out to be Lord Henry (or Hal) Tadcaster and he is dating Patricia. But Patricia isn't pleased to see him and asks him to leave but ends up staying at his Lordship's request. In the meantime, Craddock is refused permission to keep Lord Ashfordly's phone tabbed. So Mike and Phil keep watch on the place all day and night to watch Tadcaster's movements. Elsewhere, Jackie's friend Caroline comes to stay with her and Mike and she is surprised to learn that she has a baby boy - Stuart. Yet Caroline doesn't seem happy about having her boy and would have preferred to keep working in her law firm. Mike agrees to babysit while Caroline visits some friends. Yet he leaves the baby in the garden and returns to have find Stuart vanished. Hal notices that Phil is a policeman and that he and Mike have been watching him when he goes to Whitby. Hal suspects Patricia has grassed up on him and his business deals, but says she hasn't. It is later revealed she was pregnant with Hal's child and has had an abortion, resulting in her collapsing and ends up in hospital. Patricia reveals she was the one who took Stuart, but never meant any harm. Mike and Jackie find him in the hands of his Lordship.

Elsewhere, there is a postal strike in the area, Vernon sets up his own postal service using an old WWZ motorcycle. Val asks Vernon to deliver some fresh crabs and lobsters from Whitby to London; Alf has been watching the place and goes with Bernie to collect the goods. To Hal's annoyance, he then gets Bernie to bring the goods to Ashfordly Hall instead. Hal is arrested when he takes drugs he was going to sell in London.



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