Truth Games

Season 10, Episode 21
Truth Games title card
Air date 18th March 2001
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Paul Walker
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Unchained Melody


At a hotel a man defends a woman's honour but a few hours later he's charged with assault on her. David has not opened a bill for months, so he and Vernon get nothing delivered.

Full SummaryEdit

At a local hotel Adrian Miller, a businessman is giving a lecture. Later he has a drink with some of his colleagues and tells one of them to stop pestering Lisa Preston, whom he befriends and is also staying at the hotel. Just a few hours later Adrian is accused of indecent assualt by a distressed Preston and is arrested. Jackie Bradley is called in to represent him. PC Mike Bradley gets Lisa's side of the story the following morning; Adrian tells Jackie that he's innocent and denies everything. The evidence seems to be stacking up against Miller while Dr Tricia Summerbee examines Lisa and discovers she is covered in cuts and bruises. A man called Mr Lettington comes forward; he claims that he saw Adrian running out of Lisa's room at the hotel they were staying at. It seems as though Jackie is convinced that he is guilty. Yet when Dr Summerbee overhears laughter and chatting from her room, she gets suspicious. Tricia tells Mike and he investigates Preston and figures that her attack might be similar to others. At his court appearance Miller gets bail and stays at The Aidensfield Arms; there he gets an anonymous phone call saying that Lisa will drop the charges against him providing he pays £500. Miller tells Jackie and she informs Sgt Raymond Craddock. And it is discovered that both Preston and Lettington were involved in false claims of rape so they could get the cash afterwards. Later Preston meets Adrian who gives them the cash but the two are arrested. Meanwhile, afterwards, Adrian turns the charm on Jackie when he asks to see her again; this has serious consequences on her and Mike's marriage. Elsewhere David Stockwell hasn't paid the bills and Vernon Scripps says that he must get a proper job in order to pay them off. Farmer George Walker hires them to do some ploughing and David thinks he may have found a body in the barn. It turns out to be only a statue and one of the many things reported stolen by George. George vanishes to David and Vernon's house where he asks for their help. By helping him out George decides to pay his insurerers a visit; it seems they fiddled George when he made his claim anyway! Yet George says he can't cope without his late wife Mary, and when he goes to see her grave, Vernon says that she won't be able to help him now but they will. Vernon manages to pay the bills and says to David that next time they get bills don't just hide them under the chair but let him deal with it. But David only manages to screw things up when George pays him his wages and David tells George to keep the money, meaning that Vernon is unable to pay back Bernie!



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