Troubled Waters

Season 16, Episode 22
Troubled Waters
Air date 22nd July 2007
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Roger Bamford
Episode guide
One Small Step
Where There's Smoke
Maggie Hutchinson gives birth to a little girl who dies because nurse Cassidy could not get hold of a doctor when she needed one. It goes hard with her husband Ken and he gets into a regular fight with PC Walker when Oscar Blaketon refuses to serve him any more drinks. He gets off with a warning, but continues to act like a complete idiot. Emily Merryweather has just been widowed for the second time. The first time she remarried within three months and it seems she intends to become Mrs. Bernie Scripps before long. Aunt Peggy makes a bet with Oscar Blaketon that she will not succeed. A bet she does not fancy losing at any cost.

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