Treading Carefully

Season 4, Episode 11
Treading Carefully title card
Air date 13th November 1994
Written by Lizzie Mickery
Directed by Catherine Morshead
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Arms and the Man
Bad Blood

Synopsis Edit

Kate reveals her pregnancy to Nick and he is shocked to learn that she is considering bringing up the child on her own. Radcliffe suggests Kate rearrange her patients so she can spend more time in Aidensfield, and Nick considers giving up his job...

Full SummaryEdit

Lead is very much in demand in Aidensfield. At least among the thieves who steal lead from the roofs of the village. Greengrass gets under suspicion when he suddenly is flush from selling lead, which the old scoundrel claims stems from his own roof. He also earns some money by letting three young men camp out in their tents on his land. Both Nick and Kate Rowan have difficulty coping with her working in Whitby. He has a hard time dealing with both domestic chores and his police work, while she appreciates being needed and respected as a doctor, but discovers that she is neglecting her patients in Aidensfield. Furthermore she finds it hard to tell Nick that they are having a baby.


Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 11 - Treading Carefully51:17

Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 11 - Treading Carefully


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