Toss Up

Season 5, Episode 9
Toss Up title card
Air date 29th October 1995
Written by James Robson
Directed by David Innes Edwards
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Gone Tomorrow
It's All in the Game


Full SummaryEdit

One night Gina is awakened by a masked intruder, The Be-Ro Man, who has been breaking in all over North Riding. When he breaks in at the Flax farm their daughter Marion manages to get a close look at him. Claude Greengrass has a new friend. He calls himself Jason Brown, but has an unmistakable likeness to singer/songwriter Bob Dylan and even sounds like him. Brown is joined by two young girls, Paula and Sandra, in a sports car. After a party in Brown's van the two girls go for a fast ride in their car - with tragic consequences for one of them. But which one is it?


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 9 - Toss Up51:48

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 9 - Toss Up


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