The War of the Roses

Season 18, Episode 17
Air date 25th July 2010
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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A Whiter Shade of Pale
Ties That Bind


Mason and Miller tackle tribal prejudice after an attempt is made on a local farmer's life. David's terrified that Peggy's double dealings have incurred the wrath of a dead woman's ghost.


Joe and Sgt. Miller arrange a meeting of the local farmers, in a bid to end their harassment of a very unpopular neighbour whose working practices have made him thoroughly disliked. Meanwhile, Dawn falls for an attractive, charming newcomer. She later finds out he is prone to abrupt, angry episodes, which are the cause of a troubled past. And David is hired to assist Peggy in compiling an inventory of the contents of a house which belonged to a woman who has recently died. However, David fears the unsettled spirit of the dead woman's companion is haunting the house, upset because of Peggy's dodgy dealings.

Full SummaryEdit

Harry Brown has an accident when the steering gear of his tractor fails. PC Mason suspects sabotage, but Brown does not want any fuss. As a matter of fact he just wants the police to forget it ever happened. And with good reason too because Brown is not very popular with the other sheep farmers and most of them have it in for him. Old Mrs Brooks has died and Aunt Peggy's solicitor Ronnie Smethers is the executor of her estate. Aunt Peggy offers her services to clear the house - at a reasonable charge, of course. Not surprisingly, she can't help picking out the good stuff and selling it herself. When she leaves David alone in the cottage, he hears strange noises and gets afraid they have upset the old lady's ghost. Gina has hired young, handsome Billy Garrett to help out at the Aidensfield Arms while Oscar Blaketon is away on a golfing trip to Scotland, and Dawn is attracted to him..

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