The Traveller

Season 10, Episode 7
The Traveller title card
Air date 3rd December 2000
Written by John Milne
Directed by Geoff Wonfor
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The Fool on the Hill
Child's Play


Charismatic traveller, Johnny Lee, unwittingly brings a dangerous criminal to Aidensfield, a crisis ensues involving Johnny and David, and Greengrass can't resist the chance to make a fast buck on a pony and trap race.

Full SummaryEdit

Two young men try to rob a bookmaker's shop in Malton, but they are frightened off when their gun does not fire. During their escape one of the men, Peter Corcoran, injures his partner Nathaniel Cooper when he test fire the gun in the car. They dump their car in a stream and set out in opposite directions. Cooper hitches a hike with the gipsy - sorry, traveller - Johnny Lee, who is on his way to the horse fair in Aidensfield. Lee hides him and disposes of the gun. The police soon pick up Corcoran, and Lee turns against Cooper when the latter breaks into the Aidensfield Arms against his promise not to do any crimes. Another traveller, Derek Egan, persuades Greengrass to organize a race for travellers and their carriages and allows the old scoundrel to take bets on the outcome in return.



  • Greengrass: David, leave that. Come on, we've got some work to do.
  • David: We're a blooming village.
  • Greengrass: There's only one thing in this village I'd refer to as being a blooming, and it wouldn't be a verb, it'd be an adjective!
  • David: I don't really understand that.
  • Greengrass: No, neither do I. Come on!

- A brief conversation with David and Claude


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