The Son-In-Law

Season 9, Episode 24
The Son-In-Law title card
Air date 5th March 2000
Written by Peter Barwood
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Chalk and Cheese


Mike meets Jackie's parents from South Africa, Greengrass and David pick up a hitch hiker who holds them spellbound with tales of his army life, and a ferry from Amsterdam has strangers converging on the village.

Full SummaryEdit

Jackie's parents are in England to meet their new son-in-law. They come from South Africa, are very conservative and not too happy about their daughter being married to a village bobby. And they are not Mike's cup of tea either. A car is found in the middle of a stream. There is no sign of the driver or any passengers, but the hub cabs are missing. It turns out that the car belongs to Archie and Marian Drew and was stolen the previous day on the ferry from Amsterdam. Greengrass and David pick up Micky Shannon, who is travelling around the country collecting old folk tunes. Shannon also has a business proposition for Greengrass. He has seeds for thousands of rare orchids and wants Greengrass to grow them for him.


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