The Shoot

Season 11, Episode 21
The Shoot title card
Air date 17th March 2002
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Windows of Opportunity
Class Act


Saul Arkwright's dog is shot on the Ashfordly estate, and Vernon acquires an ex-Army half-track vehicle to take tourists on scenic drives on the moors.

Full SummaryEdit

Saul Arkwright walks his dog close to Lord Ashfordly's estate when the dog is shot by one of Lord Ashfordly's guests Oliver Langley. Since Langley just drives off nearly hitting Arkwright in the process the latter see no other alternative than to make a complaint to the police. When the police do not do enough in his opinion Arkwright takes matters in his own hand. Vernon Scripps has had a new "bright" idea. He has bought a surplus U.S. Army half-track tank to drive tourists around the countryside. But since he has a boil in a very private place David has to drive the half-track for him. David only flattens half the village trying to get the hang of it.



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