The Seven Year Itch

Season 9, Episode 15
The Seven Year Itch title card
Air date 2nd January 2000
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Paul Walker
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Full Circle
Weight of Evidence


Blaketon is worried when an ex-convict he help put in prison returns and Greengrass lands in hot water with Sgt. Nokes.

Full SummaryEdit

Anthony Mottram lives with his dominant mother, but the quiet bachelor has his sights on a beautiful woman called Sandra and to afford dating her he is selling off four old maps from his late father's collection to Greengrass without his mother's knowledge. Oscar Blaketon is not pleased to find out that Ray Nixon, an old acquaintance of both him and the police, has checked in at the Aidensfield Arms. When Blaketon was still sergeant he promised Nixon a reduced sentence if he would turn queen's evidence against his accomplices in a robbery, but the judge saw it otherwise and gave Nixon a full sentence. Blaketon thinks Nixon will be out for revenge, but Nixon says his only in Aidensfield because of his old girlfriend Wendy.

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