The Rivals

Season 11, Episode 7
The Rivals title card
Air date 9th December 2001
Written by Jane McNulty
Directed by Paul Walker
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Home to Roost


There is trouble at the Shields Carpet Factory, Mike and Bellamy study for their Sergeant's exams together, and Vernon decides to organize a beauty pageant.

Full SummaryEdit

PPC Nicholson responds to a call about a break-in at the Shields Carpet Factory only to find the manager Trevor Shields "working late" with his secretary Maureen Felton. To get even Shields fires the works manager Neville Sawyer, and when an accident happens at the factory Shields blames Sawyer for that as well. But the safety records speak differently and the factory is closed. Vernon Scripps suggests to the local Women's Institute that they organize a beauty pageant, but is immediately opposed by Joyce Jowett who finds the idea revolting. When it is decided to go forward anyway Mrs. Jowett tries to stop it by notifying the police that the pageant is indecent. But Sergeant Craddock will not do anything because it is not illegal. That does not stop the virago however.



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