The Queen's Message

Season 7, Episode 16
The Queen's Message title card
Air date 21st December 1997
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by John Anderson
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Demand for TV sets is high due to Christmas and the upcoming message from her majesty the queen, and especially one customer, Jim Brody, is set on getting a new set - in colour. But only if he gets the very first colour TV set in the area. That is one of the reasons why Rex Hawkins TV rentals and repair shop is very popular and Hawkins is also very popular among the wives of his customers. But he is bullied by Lol Baxter because he has failed to pay for a shipment of very cheap, but defective TV sets. Also PC Ventress carries a grudge against Hawkins because Hawkins got him sacked from the local choir. So when Hawkins is attacked outside the Aidensfield Arms there are a lot of suspects to choose from.



Heartbeat - Series 7 - Episode 16 - The Queen's Message50:14

Heartbeat - Series 7 - Episode 16 - The Queen's Message

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