The Medium is the Message

Season 16, Episode 20
Air date 8th July 2007
Written by Mark Holloway
Directed by Arian Bean
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Mind Games
One Small Step
When rev. Jacob Thwaite returns to his vicarage he finds that the place has been broken into and his wife Louise stabbed to death. The organist Terry Thorne remembers seeing a tramp watching the vicarage, but DC Dawson suspects the vicar himself. He has an alibi though. Ivy Green and her psychic driver Rosa take lodgings at the Aidensfield Arms. They have come to assist the police catching the murderer. Furthermore they have a message for the vicar from Louise. PC Bellamy nearly runs down a drunk and decides the man would better spend the night in the cells, but Sergeant Miller will rather have the drunk taken into the interview room because he is PC Younger's father. Aunt Peggy needs to catch 200 trout and has a very explosive way to do so.

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