The Long Weekend

Season 10, Episode 16
The Long Weekend title card
Air date 11th February 2001
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Mike's teenage niece and her friend visit Aidensfield for a weekend, Vernon is hired to protect Lord Ashfordly's prestigious guest, and Phil Bellamy has a romantic evening planned.

Full SummaryEdit

Lord Ashfordly plays host to the Livonian Prince Nikolas and hires Vernon Scripps to bodyguard his distinguished guest. Not an easy task as it turns out because the prince is a great lover of liquor and will rather pay a visit to the Aidensfield Arms than to his lordship's wine cellar. Lord Ashfordly is not the only one awaiting guests. Mike Bradley is expecting his niece Anne and her friend Louise, but the two girls turn out to be very modern teenagers and not the cute little kids he imagined. They are more into parties than trips around the countryside. Dr. Summerbee has given up her job at the hospital in favour of Dr. Bolton's old practice in Aidensfield. Phil has a very special assignment for Bernie Scripps. He intends to propose to Gina and wants Bernie to drive her to a very romantic place. But Bernie has to help his brother and sends David instead. Only when you give directions to David you have to be _very_ specific!



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