Season 14, Episode 17
The Long View title card
Air date 3rd April 2005
Written by John Flanagan

Andrew McCulloch

Directed by Dominic Clemence
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Golf Papa One Zero
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


PC Walker receives a tempting offer from an old friend, but as the proposition involves a spot of rule-bending on his part, the decision to go through with it could land him in serious trouble, especially as Sergeant Miller already seems less than impressed by the policeman's rebellious nature.

Full SummaryEdit

A couple walking their dog on the beach discovers a dead man by the water's edge. The only thing they can find out about him is that he died of a fall from a cliff. PC Walker is contacted by his old friend Jackie Pointer. Her brother Tony is in jail and he has picked up some information on a robbery being planned and is willing to share this information for an early release. Walker contacts Sergeant Miller, who will have nothing to do with the matter. Walker decides to see Tony anyway and maybe get some more information. Bernie Scripps is having one of those days where nothing goes right and Rosie is afraid he is seriously ill.


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