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A group of Taoist monks is stranded in Aidensfield when their bus breaks down on the way to a Taoist monastery near Middlesborough. But their presence is a thorn in the side of Councillor Jowett who tries to raise a united front against them. Things don't get better when one of the monks is very ill and is taken to hospital. People fear he suffers from TB which notorious burglar Terry "Non Stick" Tinniswood supposedly also died of the very same morning. Especially Tinniswood's widow Rosie is nervous, because her two children Julie and Eddie were in the bus nicking a gold statuette. Chips off the old block so to speak. DS Dawson has got a tip that stolen stolen antiquities have found their way to Ashfordly. Some of them turn up in Mr. Brigstocke's antique shop. The police lock the shop and take possession of the keys, but when they come to search the place the next day some candlesticks have gone missing...

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