The Holiday's Over

Season 13, Episode 6
The Holiday's Over title card
Air date 19th October 2003
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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A Family Affair
Waifs and Strays


A nasty surprise awaits PC Ventress, who is acting sergeant while Sergeant Merton is on his honeymoon. One morning an inspector of constabulary called Craig walks in and finds the police station in a mess and Ventress enjoying the homely comfort of the sergeant's chair, a sandwich and a newspaper. To his own misfortune Merton has returned early because Jenny was not feeling well, and he arrives just in time to bear the brunt of Craig's wrath. Craig's car has been stolen and his dissatisfaction only grows when Merton and his people do not drop everything else to search for it. Vernon Scripps' fortune has grown larger and larger and he is on the constant lookout for ways to increase it even further. A very promising way is shipping insurance and to make en even bigger kill he puts all his eggs in just one basket called the Torrey Canyon.


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