The High Life

Season 12, Episode 15
The High Life title card
Air date March 9th, 2003
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Bob Tomson
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Out of the Blue
Hung for a Sheep


The police are asked to take action on a gang's rowdy behaviour; Jenny returns to her flat and finds her brother Steve sleeping in the doorway; David finds 18-year-old Kelley sleeping in the barn with her scooter parked nearby.

Full SummaryEdit

The vicar Harold Greaves grows marihuana in his greenhouse because it brings relief to his disabled wife Joyce. He takes on Jenny's brother Steve, who pays his sister a visit. But unlike his sister Steve is a nasty piece of work and when he finds out about the drug he does not hesitate to sell some of it to a group of mods from Whitby, who has been stirring up trouble in the village. When the vicar finds out Steve threatens to expose him if Greaves says anything or refuses to supply him. One of the mods, Kelley, takes a fancy to David and moves in with him and persuades him to become a mod himself.


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