The Heart of a Man

Season 17, Episode 12
The Heart of a Man title card
Air date 6th April 2008
Written by Colin McDonald
Directed by Mark McKillop
Episode guide
A Brush With the Law
Out of the Long Dark Night


Somebody breaks in at John Harper's cottage and swaps the old, blind man's money with blank pieces of paper. The only visitor Harper can think of is Albert Ross. There is nothing but trouble with Ross. All he thinks about is money and how much it will cost him when his men are not working. When the police cannot do anything after yet another accident at his farm the workers take matters in their own hands. Furthermore Nurse Cassidy suspects that Ross beats his grownup daughter Juliet for seeing the worker Josh. David spots a naked man running through the woods. Later he and Aunt Peggy see the man throw himself from a bridge. Only David's actions save him from drowning and now the man sees David as his guardian angel. When Aunt Peggy discovers his true identity she tries to cash in on it.

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