The Happiest Day

Season 14, Episode 4
The Happiest Day title card
Air date 26th September 2004
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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Fakers and Frauds
Hunter's Moon
Gina's friend Cathy Simpson is getting married. But her father cannot afford the wedding and goes to Don Megson for help. Megson promises to help him out in return for information about his workplace - information like entrances and exits, alarm systems and such. Simpson agrees, but does not intend to oblige. He tells Oscar Blaketon in case something should happen to him. This is very likely because Megson does not take kindly to being cheated. There is a wholesale clean-up in the lost and found at the police station, and items which have not been collected within three months are returned to the people, who found them. Thus David gets a camera and decides to enter a photo competition. At first he tries trees and a bull is a bit too lively. The authorities do not like him taking pictures of the golf ball domes of the radar station at Fylingdales either.


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