The Great Ming Mystery

Season 11, Episode 15
The Great Ming Mystery title card
Air date 3rd February 2002
Written by Paul Walker
Directed by Jane Hollowood
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Sergeant Merton is summoned to a meeting at headquarters, and June and Brian arrive at their holiday cottage on the moors. Mike and Bellamy investigate the theft of a valuable Ming vase.

Full SummaryEdit

A valuable Ming vase has been stolen from Colonel Potter's mansion. The theft was discovered by his son Eric, but the colonel is little senile and sometimes does not remember even owning a Ming vase. Dr. Summerbee thinks Eric himself is behind it, because he cannot get his father into a retiring home fast enough so that he can get his hands on the family fortune, but a professional gang is operating in the area. A V.I.P. comes to Aidensfield and the police in Ashfordly are requested to guard the railway station and see to it that a motorcade can get through the area. Therefore he specifically forbids PC Bradley to question a young couple, who has moved into a holiday cottage about their relation to George East, who stays at the Aidensfield Arms in connection with the theft of the Ming vase. But he cannot stop Oscar Blaketon who has been hired by Eric Potter to find the vase.



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