The Good Samaritan

Season 15, Episode 8
The Good Samaritan title card
Air date 13th November 2005
Written by Colin McDonald
Directed by Judith Dine
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Blood Brothers
Adam Lee surprises a burglar and is knocked unconscious in the subsequent struggle. When he comes to he identifies his attacker as his brother Joe. Apart from money Joe also stole Adam's car. Joe lives in Whitby and on his way to interview him PC Walker finds the car smeared with blood in a ditch and no sign of Joe. Alice and John Boaden's baby daughter has been born with a heart problem. The little girl may die if she does not get an operation, but operations like that are not performed in Great Britain so they try to raise money for a trip to America. Rumour has it that Wharton Place is haunted and Aunt Peggy does not hesitate to try and make money on that story even if she has to create a ghost or two.

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