The Good Doctor

Season 9, Episode 19
The Good Doctor title card
Air date 30th January 2000
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Paul Walker
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A Shot in the Dark
Against the Odds


Maggie lets her heart rule her head when a handsome new locum, Dr. Ian Peters, arrives in Aidensfield. And when Andy returns to Aidensfield, Gina refuses to speak to him until his heroic actions save the day.

Full SummaryEdit

Dr. Ian Peters is the new doctor in Aidensfield. His presence will soon be needed when a hit-and-run driver crashes into the car of Jackie's friend Sue. Both she and Jackie get only minor injuries. Or so it seems because it turns out that Sue has a severe, internal head injury when she collapses into a coma. David is a witness to the accident, and when he and Greengrass are picking up some old bicycles, which the old scoundrel has "borrowed" from Lord Ashfordly to hire out to the participants of a fun bike race, they find the hit-and-run car burning. Lord Ashfordly identifies the car as his old Bentley, and his nephew Charles testifies that he saw the chauffeur's son Eric sitting in the car shortly before the accident. Andy is trying to get back into Gina's good books, and he has some serious doubts about the new doctor's qualifications. But he might just be jealous because Gina likes Dr. Peters.

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