The Fool on the Hill

Season 10, Episode 6
The Fool on the Hill title card
Air date 26th November 2000
Written by Helen Blizard
Directed by Paul Walker
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Sgt. Craddock's mother finds herself embroiled in a murder case when visiting her son and Greengrass acts on a hot tip at the racetrack.

Full SummaryEdit

Greengrass befriends a spry old gal at the Aidensfield Arms. She is called Enid and writes crime novels. She is there to celebrate her son's birthday, but does not mind betting a bit of the money for his birthday present on the horses providing Greengrass can come up with the right tip. He does, but suddenly he cannot find his shirt with the winning ticket, because David wrapped it around Alfred when he took the dog to the vet. Enid reports the assault of a woman, and a few hours later a woman matching her description is admitted to hospital. The woman is Rachel Osborne and she is living with friends together with her daughter Lucy. Earlier that day Rachel reported that her room was broken into and PC Bradley is sure the two crimes are connected. Sergeant Craddock is not too happy with Enid hanging around the police station all the time - even though she is his mother!



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