The Enemy Within

Season 7, Episode 21
The Enemy Within title card
Air date 1st February 1998
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Garth Tucker
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Local Knowledge
Unconsidered Trifles
Oscar Blaketon gets a visit from Jim Ryan, his sergeant from the war in the Far East who has recently lost his wife. He enjoys seeing his old friend, but he gets worried about him, when Ryan sees a couple of biology students, Jill and Kathy, with a Japanese camera at the Aidensfield Arms and goes completely mad. Greengrass buys a herd of sheep from his friend Charlie Blunkett, but when the sheep turns out to be stolen, Greengrass wants his money back. Only Blunkett suddenly remembers nothing about any sheep and Greengrass must resort to drastic means to clear his good name.

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