The Dying of the Light

Season 15, Episode 24
The Dying of the Light title card
Air date 18th June 2006
Written by Jonathan Critchley
Directed by Adrian Bean
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Keeping Secrets
Bad Company


The honeymoon is over for Rob and Helen Walker. A car with an unconscious man in it is found in a ditch at Long Lane. And somebody has stolen all the sheep from Len Hallett's farm. Since it happened only a few hundred yards apart PC Walker suspects that the two cases are connected and that the unconscious man, Frank Mirfield, may have seen something he should not. Terry Parsons' grandmother has become senile dementia, and Dr. Walker suggests that they lock her in to keep her from wandering off, but the next morning the old lady has disappeared. Norman and Kath Harrison have bought a farm and necessity forces them to live off the land and Aunt Peggy decides to become self-sufficient too, but that idea really stinks.

Full SummaryEdit

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