The Dreams That You Dream

Season 16, Episode 18
The Dreams That You Dream title card
Air date 24th June 2007
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Out of Africa
Mind Games

The day of Gina's and Phil's wedding is growing near. Everybody in Aidensfield are on their toes because of the big day. And Lord Ashfordly has most kindly made Ashfordly Hall available for the party. Gina and Phil have even bought a small cottage outside the village, but lose it again when the seller Arthur White changes his mind. That makes Gina feel so sorry that Phil gets worried that the wedding will fail this time also. And his mood does not get any better when Jack Hollins turns up the evening before the wedding. To top it all Arthur White has disappeared and nobody has seen him since he showed his cottage to Gina and Phil.


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