The Devil Rides Out

Season 17, Episode 9
The Devil Rides out title card
Air date 13th January 2008
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Roger Bambford
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Only Make Believe
Changing Roles

Somebody paints a pentagram on the church door in Eltering and Rev. Peggotty is convinced that the church has been targeted for black Masses by followers of the dark arts. And he may be right because a few days later Kord Ashfordly's godson Charles "Chaz" Enderley is found beaten up and terrified in the church, and in the churchyard gravestones sprayed with red paint and overturned. Almost like the record cover of a band, Enderley once managed. Doctor Oakley has invited some colleagues over for dinner and Nurse Cassidy asks Gina to cook for them. One of the guests the psychiatrist Paul Hammond has heard of Gina's loss and wants to help her come to terms with her grief. But that is not what has been bothering her. She has just discovered that she is pregnant again!

Pictures from the episodeEdit

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