The Dear Departed

Season 13, Episode 12
The Dear Departed title card
Air date 7th March 2004
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Andrew Morgan
Episode guide
Mountains and Molehills
Dangerous Whispers
Eva Parker wants her dearly departed husband to be buried in the family grave in Aidensfield. But her brother-in-law Eli Parker will not allow his late brother to be buried in the family grave because of an old dispute. Jethro Woods was believed to have caused the death of Charlie Walker following a robbery against Walker's factory, but his guilt was never proven. Now he turns up in Aidensfield to Oscar Blaketon's great dissatisfaction. Walker's son Harry is not too happy about it either, and when Woods is the victim of vandalism and later gets killed in a hit-and-run accident Harry Walker is the most likely suspect. But Woods also claimed that he was framed and that he knew who really robbed the Walker factory, and he may have been killed to ensure his silence.


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