Thanks to Alfred

Season 6, Episode 12
Thanks to Alfred title card
Air date 17th November 1996
Written by Rob Gittins
Directed by Graham Wetherell
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Who Needs Enemies?
Thanks to Claude Greengrass the famous wrestler The Masked Marvel is coming to Aidensfield and as usual he challenges all locals to a match with a prize to anyone who can unmask him. Alfred is afraid of the wrestler and bites him so that he cannot wrestle. Since nobody knows what he looks like without the mask, Greengrass and his manager Pat Starr makes The Masked Marvel train one of the locals, Ken Fairbrother, to fight instead of him. But Starr plans to make the switch a bit more permanent than that. Tim Phillips makes trouble because his mother Sylvia is leaving his father for the pub owner Mike Scott and PC Rowan is called to deal with domestic disputes in the family. The next morning Sylvia Phillips is found dead on the moors.


Heartbeat - Series 6 - Episode 12 - Thanks to Alfred49:26

Heartbeat - Series 6 - Episode 12 - Thanks to Alfred

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