Taking Stock

Season 17, Episode 18
Taking Stock title card
Air date 10th August 2008
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Ian Bevitt
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Missing Persons
The Big Chill


A car crashes when the driver tries to avoid a collision. The driver is knocked unconscious and later dies. The car was stolen in Liverpool, and CID thinks the car may have been stolen for a crime, but apart from the name of the driver the police have only a small sketch to go on. Gilbert Hartley suspects that his wife Moira has an affair with another man and asks Oscar Blaketon for help. But Gina is away so he is busy in the pub and asks Alf Ventress to follow her around discreetly. Together they spot another car following Mrs. Hartley and assume it belongs to a private detective, Hartley has hired. It does not! Aunt Peggy wants to produce goat's milk and cheese and buys some goats at a sale. But the goats are not exactly cooperative in that department. On the contrary. They are Angora goats which are kept not because of their milk, but because of their coats of mohair. Unfortunately she only discovers that after she has sold them again.

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