Sympathy for the Devil

Season 11, Episode 17
Sympathy for the Devil title card
Air date 17th February 2002
Written by Jeff Dodds
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Agnes Moorcroft's guest house is broken into during the night, and Vernon buys goats, planning to sell the milk to a local health food.


PC Bradley investigates a break-in at Agnes Moorcroft's guest house, but the only thing missing is the last page of entries in her guest book. Somebody seems to be very interested in her guests Sue Dixon and her daughter Tracey. Bradley thinks it may be her estranged husband, but the attractive Mrs. Dixon also has a big, dark secret in her life. The new health food shop in Ashfordly is desperate for goat's milk and Vernon Scripps is just the man to supply it. Business is booming and soon there are customers - and goats - all over Aidensfield. Especially goats. They turn out to be regular four-legged Harry Houdinis.



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