Season 11, Episode 1
Sweet Sixteen title card
Air date 28th October 2001
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Paul Walker
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Still Water
She's Leaving Home


Dr. Summerbee helps 16-year old Debbie White to get on the pill, because she thinks the relation with her boyfriend Carl Lomax is serious enough for that, and her friend Jenny wants some too. But their parents and the parents of their peers think the good doctor has gone too far. Somebody throws a stone through a window of the police house in Aidensfield, but sergeant Craddock thinks there are more important matters to tend to than finding the culprit. A big inspection is on in a few days and he wants the police station to be in tiptop shape. He changes his mind however when his own police car gets vandalized with paint. And the vandal is just getting started. Vernon Scripps accuses David of eating too much, but they must soon realize that they have an unwanted visitor.

Full SummaryEdit

Tricia Summerbee has a difficult case on her hands when sixteen-year-old Debbie White comes to her with a pregnancy scare. Debbie and her boyfriend Carl Lomax are young but very much in love. Despite Tricia's advice Debbie is adamant that she wants to go on the contraceptive pill. Reluctantly Tricia agrees and refers her on to the Family Planning Clinic. After a confrontation with Debbie's angry parents Tricia turns to Mike for advice and in turn Mike pours his heart out to Tricia. He still misses Jackie and is finding it hard to adjust to life alone. Meanwhile, Craddock is frantically preparing for a visit from Her Majesty's Inspectors but his efforts are hampered by a series of attacks on the Police Station. First a brick is thrown through the window, then his car is smashed and finally a fire breaks out in the back yard. Craddock is on the warpath and determined to find the culprit. Mike sees Carl Lomax leaving the doctors surgery with burns on his arm. When Alf Ventress does some investigating he finds out that a speeding police car killed the boy's father - could Carl be taking his revenge for his father's death? When Carl is confronted with this idea he breaks down confessing to the vandalism. Just as Craddock thought no more could go wrong a band of Aidensfield mothers arrive at the station demanding some action about Dr Summerbee and her liberal ideas, timed perfectly to coincide with the arrival of the Inspector. Elsewhere, strange goings on at Vernon Scripps house. When clothes, food and drink go missing Vernon is angry and blames his hapless lodger David Stockwell. Much to Vernon's delight he suspects that David has been hiding a girlfriend. The real thief is eventually discovered in Vernon's bathtub. He's a tramp who has been living in the barn, nursing an injured ankle and helping himself to clothes, food and the odd bottle of whisky. He leaves Aidensfield well fed and rested and in Vernon's best suit.



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