Season 13, Episode 20
Swangsong title card
Air date 2nd May 2004
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Declan O'Dwyer
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Nowhere Man
Strangers on a Train


Sidney Baxter was the biggest rug manufacturer in the county and after his death the family factory has been run by his widow Shirley and their son Richard. Shirley has taken a fancy to Oscar Blaketon, and he manages to get Alf Ventress a rug at a discount for his upcoming Anniversary. But business is tight for the Baxter factory and Ventress suspects that Richard Baxter uses stolen fleeces in the production without his mother's knowledge. The fleeces come from a couple of nightly sheep-shearings which are puzzling the police. This case is PC Ventress' swansong as a police constable, because he has had one too many extensions on his retirement. Kevin Kelly has come all the way from Australia to attend his Uncle Charlie's funeral, but unfortunately Bernie Scripps has already buried him thinking that no one would come. Things do not get any better when Kevin finds an old movie camera and wants to film the event for his father.


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