Season 7, Episode 14
Substitute title card
Air date 30th November 1997
Written by Ron Rose
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Peace and Quiet
In On the Act


PC Ventress faces up to some old enemies, and Greengrass takes on more than he bargained for when a troop of Girl guides camp on his land.

Full SummaryEdit

Sergeant Blaketon is recuperating from his heart attack and cannot get back to work fast enough, when Dr. Bolton informs him that his days on the police force are over due to risk of another heart attack. That does not suit him at all and especially not when he learns that the Deighton family is back in Aidensfield. The Deightons have done mischief in the area before and they are definitely up to no good this time either. From his hospital bed Blaketon tells his constables to keep a close eye on them. Greengrass lets Lieutenant Craig and her girl scouts camp on his land. That brings the girls on a collision course with the Deightons when they stage a paper chase.

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