Season 16, Episode 7
Stumped title card
Air date 26th November 2006
Written by John Martin Johnson
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Pretty Woman
Little White Lies


Important things are about to happen in Aidensfield. The annual cricket match against Scarsdale is coming up, and if Scarsdale wins again this year the trophy is theirs for keeps. Oscar Blaketon is the head of the Aidensfield team, but turmoil is raging the village and he must leave many of his best players out of account. And he has excluded the women beforehand, because their job is to see to the food and the tea. The police have problems of another kind. They have been tipped off about a raid on an armoured transport. They catch one of the raiders, Dave Dooley, but his brother Ray and Ray's girlfriend Connie get away with the loot. Ray is not the kind of guy who lets his brother rot in prison and they kidnap PC Walker and threaten to kill him if Dave is not released.

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