Strike Up the Band

Season 18, Episode 6
Air date 16th November 2008
Written by Shaun McKenna
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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Guilty Secrets
Return Crossing
Les Hepplewhite is the leader of a brass band. He has high hopes for the band to regain the Wallace Cup at the upcoming contest. The same has Bill Bugde the leader of a competing band. But there is more behind their enmity than just rivalry over a trophy and the police has to step in when several members of Hepplewhite's band end up in hospital with food poisoning. Dawn is completely swept off her feet by Jonny Leigh who pulls up at Bernie's garage for some petrol. He invites her to move with him to Paris, but the other villagers think things are happening too fast and Aunt Peggy asks her to wait - at least until Gina returns from Liverpool where she has gone to see her family. The heat is on between Joe Mason and Rachel Dawson after he saved her career, but it takes its toll on the relationship between him and Carol Cassidy. Especially after Carol discovers that Rachel has spent a night with him at the police house.

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